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Why invest with Conergy?

The opportunities

These days it goes without saying that business owners and managers are looking for ways to keep costs to a minimum.

In many industries, energy costs are a significant part of the overall cost of running the business. Any company that can reduce these costs and insure themselves against future price rises will gain significant advantage over their competitors.

Most commercial premises are blessed with a roof. Some of these are of considerable size. This often overlooked space can become an energy generating plant which provides healthy and reliable savings for years to come.

In addition their carbon footprint will be reduced and corporate social responsibility profile increased.

At Conergy we offer:

  • turn-key solar systems
  • systems designed and planned according to company specific load profiles
  • O&M service
  • financing solutions

Why invest?

The world is full of high risk investment options. The horror stories surrounding the financial crash have created a generation of risk averse, cautious investors. Investors in solar projects are attracted by the stability of returns offered.

The sun rises every day, even cloudy and rainy ones, and the rate of return on a solar farm is secure. The technology in a solar farm is relatively simple, low maintenance and supported by extensive warranties.

Risk of technological failure is therefore very low.

These secure, low risk investments carry an added ethical bonus – every solar farm or large solar project developed contributes to the green energy production target set by the government: 20GW by 2020. Our national reliance on fossil fuels and imported energy is lessened, and carbon footprint reduced.

Why invest with Conergy?

At Conergy we support your investment from planning, site development, financial advice, installation, operation, monitoring and maintenance. And with our secure financial backing, we will be around to oversee the project from cradle to grave.

Our track history shows projects around the globe which are performing at or above the predicated levels of energy production.

Conergy + Investment + Sunlight = a securing, growing, long term financial return

Corporate social responsibility

Because at Conergy we endorse the highest levels of compliance to UK and EU regulations in all areas including WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Regulations 2013). Our registration number is WEE/CF4777RY