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Hawton, Nottinghamshire for Lightsource

Hawton, Lightsource

July 2011. Conergy’s first partnership with Lightsource Renewable Energy on the UK’s then largest solar farm at 4.8MW and one of the only large projects to be built in the UK in 2011.

The Hawton solar farm was completed record time (just 6 weeks after planning consent was received) in order to beat a government reduction in the FiT rate.

The fast turn around was achieved thanks to the commitment, focus and experience of the partners involved in the project. Furthermore thelocal residents had shown support for the project from the start. Research undertaken prior to the development had shown that 100% of the respondents generally favoured the idea of solar energy as a clean, renewable energy solution with no emissions.

  • The plant produced 8% more electricity than expected in its first year of operation
  • The installation covers a total area of 14.6 hectares of former quarry land
  • 21,600 Conergy PowerPlus modules on approximately
  • 40 kilometres of Conergy SolarLinea mounting systems
  • Annually, the premium modules will produce 4,860 megawatt hours of clean electricity – enough to supply 1,300 local homes.
It's awesome really to change a field from grazing horses and a bit of arable into a power station in six weeks
Roger Pykett
Roger Pykett
Whose family owns the land