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Carillion/Nationwide building society

  • January 2012
  • Carillion/Nationwide Building Society
  • 50 kWp
  • Generates 45000kWh / year
  • Saving 20 tonnes of CO2 / year
  • Mounted on SolarFamulus Air (Now Mounting Systems “Lambda Light”)
  • Wave shaped mounting system specifically designed for flat roofs that are unable to support additional heavy loads. The under-construction uses a vacuum to secure the frame against the roof without the need for screws.
  • This practical and aesthetic solution removes barriers to solar development on potentially difficult roofs, allowing the low carbon initiative to drive forwards towards the 2020 renewable energy target.
The Solar Famulus Air system is not only very practical, but its wave-like design is very attractive in its own right. It’s great to show it off on such a high profile building. At Conergy we believe aesthetics and innovative design will be a big driver for low carbon technology in the coming years.
Robert Goss, Managing Director
Robert Goss, Managing Director
Conergy UK
This is the first time that solar panels have been installed at Nationwide to generate electricity and we are delighted with the result.The innovative mounting design allows the panels to fit neatly against the profile of our head office building and the energy generated will help the Society to further reduce its carbon emissions and environmental impact.
Chris Rhodes, Product and Marketing Director
Chris Rhodes, Product and Marketing Director
This is a great example of how we can work in collaboration with our partners to help reduce their energy costs, bring benefits to the environment and local communities and drive the low carbon economy.
Tom Robinson, Chief Sustainability Officer
Tom Robinson, Chief Sustainability Officer