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Conergy UK timeline

  • March 20142014
    68MW EPC projects completed in Q1 2014 alone (officially the wettest winter on record!) Bringing the combined total to almost 100MW by 31.3.14
  • January 20142014
    Acquisition of Wirsol UK Ltd by Kawa strengthening Conergy’s UK presence
  • November 20132013
    Sale of 40MW Camborne Pipeline to Primrose Solar
  • October 20132013
    Acquisition of Conergy UK by Kawa Capital Management
  • March 20132013
    4.5MW project at Lovedean, Hampshire completed
  • February 20132013
    Continue growth especially in the EPC sector. Conergy UK Ltd now up to 13 employees
  • April 20122012
    Work on Camborne pipeline begins
  • January 20122012
    Conergy UK Ltd formed, 7 employees
  • July 20112011
    First Conergy EPC in UK - Hawton Solar Farm, 5MW deployed in 6 weeks
  • February 20112011
    First UK Customers - mainly B2B, consisting of installers and smaller wholesalers
  • January 20112011
    UK office opens under Conergy Gmbh, 4 employees
  • April 20102010
    First UK Feed-in-Tariff
  • 19981998
    Conergy formed in Hamburg, Germany